Sales Pitch

Option 1:

Looking for a way to amp up your daily greens without buying a bundle of supplements? Our greens blend is a one stop shop for optimal health and wellness with ingredients like Kale, Spirulina, Wheatgrass and more! Mix your greens in with water or jazz it up in a smoothie. The choice is yours. It’s delicious and totally vegan, what more could you want?


Option 2:

Dread taking your morning vitamins? Not anymore! With Teami greens blend you get all the health benefits without the off-putting taste. Our award-winning blends are vegan, non-GMO and seriously delicious. Each bottle comes with a complete recipe book so you’ll never miss your greens again. We recommend the green chia seed pudding!

Love in the Digital Age

Everyone does it, so let’s talk about it! We’re living in a time where months of courtship are a thing of the past. Your sweet grandma has no need to set you up on a blind date with a “nice boy” she met at church.

You decide to venture out on your own. Step one, photos. You text your girls for backup, after all it takes a village. You swipe for hours until you think you’ve finally found “the one”.. that is worthy of having your number I mean. You could screen him further and ask for his Instagram but let’s be real.. you already found it hours ago, but play it cool. When he offers you his handle try and act surprised. Even though you already know what his whole family looks like, his dogs name, and where he likes to vacation. Remember, you haven’t even met yet. The back and forth texting begins. Friendly reminder guys, your replies are being sent to a ruthless girl gang. Tread lightly and try to hold off being a horn dog until at least the third date.

I once did a social experiment where all my tinder said was “just looking to hookup”. Every guy asked the same question. Are you serious? Yup! So I lived out my hoe paradise for a couple months until I was over it. Most people aren’t as forward as myself so it can be difficult to navigate what the heck people are looking for. Even when he admits to wanting something real it could just be a long list of subconscious conditions. You could be the coolest, hottest, most intelligent girl but if he’s still hung up on his ex.. or even worse childhood trauma it’s game over for you.

Lately I’ve been quicker to cut things off and I know it’s a weird concept, but be honest. How did we go so far from that childhood adage “use your words”? No need to ghost just be upfront. You don’t have to tear anyone down by creating a laundry list of all the reasons why you’re just not that into them. Just keep it short and sweet. The male ego is fragile.

All this being said, love is tough in the digital age and I think a lot of people don’t take dating on an app seriously even though they go back time and time again. If not to find love, to receive a tiny bit of validation from strangers who swiped right. Happy hunting kids, stay tuned for more.

©Besquireart by Brooke Squires